Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up!

My week is finally over and I'm home relaxing and drinking a pomegranite martini on my day off.  The AIDS walk was today but I over slept and didnt go =/ Anyways, only one more week of school left!! Yay! I can't wait for summer.  My nail polish from the beauty clutch finally came.  I seriously do not like the United States Postal Service.  It was all there fault that it arrived 4 days late.  Whatever.  So above are two pictures of a house I live near.  I absolutley love it.  I love red doors and when I get my own house I will be painting my door red.   

How delicious do these look?? I found this picture on my tumblr.  I so want one of these right now.  I have a big sweet tooth and these just look too good!

Pink Friday [Explicit]

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