Thursday, July 7, 2011

Butter London!

So lately I have been in love with Butter London nail polishes.  Right now I own three, Macbeth, which is a nice bright red color.  Artful Dodger, which is a muted teal color.  And Blagger, which is a nice deep blue.  They cost $14 a bottle which is pretty expensive, but very much worth it.  I work in retail and my nails with out fail always chip.  But I have worn my Butter London nail polish for the past two days and they haven't.  For me this is very exciting! I have a crazy obsession with nail polish.  I have too many for my own good and always want more.  I will be buying more colors, I especially want Cheeky Chops.  It is a nice banana yellow.


Artful Dodger


Cheeky Chops


Tea with the Queen

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