Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Time to Clean the Closet!

So school starts soon and I have nothing to wear! I never have anything to wear but yet have 2 closets and a dresses filled with clothes.  So it is time for some summer cleanin'.

First I have to go through all my clothes and see what I want to keep, giveaway, and throw away.  This part for me is easy.  Anything that has not been touched in 3 months goes.  If I have not worn it in that amount of time I never will.  Anything that no longer fits properly goes too.  I try not to keep clothes that are too small for me.  But I always have that one dress or skirt that is too small and I keep for incentive to lose weight.

Next I organize by tops and bottoms and then again into sub categories.  I keep all tank tops together, all short sleeves together, and so on.  I have one closet for my everyday clothing and one for my "fancy-er" clothing. 

After all that is done I move onto my dresser.  I have a ton and I mean a ton of tee-shirts, mens and womens, and all colors of the rainbow.  I love my clothing to be color organized too.  That way I know that if I want a black tee-shirt it'll be at the bottom of the pile.

And last but not least I pick out a couple of go to outfits and hang them together.  This way if I have "nothing" to wear I know they look good on me and it's easy to get going!  When I am done I step back and look at my work!

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